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27 Apr News Release: Congressional Black Caucus Defends 340B Hospitals

The Congressional Black Caucus is throwing its support behind 340B hospitals and health clinics, coming as Rep. Doris Matsui (D-HI) also seeks to boost the hospitals by drafting a bill that requires audit parity between 340B hospitals and drug makers. At a congressional Black Caucus event...

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13 Apr The American Spectator: Pharma’s Victim-Bribing Has Been Exposed

"The opioid epidemic, and the rapidly increasing rash of high drug prices, are the twin deadly sins of the modern pharmaceutical industry. Any serious pro-patient policy analyst in Washington will likely acknowledge this. The responsibility of companies like the makers of Oxycontin for the spread of opioids...

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06 Apr Daily News: Our rural hospitals and clinics are under attack

"Right now, policy developments in Washington, D.C., are placing rural North Dakota hospitals and other healthcare providers at significant risk of shutting down, choking off healthcare access for thousands of patients in rural communities who have few other options. In January, an agency in Washington,...

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