AHA - Hospital Leaders Announce 340B Good Stewardship Principles | 340B Matters
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01 Oct AHA – Hospital Leaders Announce 340B Good Stewardship Principles

“Leaders from the American Hospital Association (AHA) and individual 340B hospitals announced new principles for ensuring good stewardship of the 340B program.

This new AHA-led initiative will strengthen the 340B program by increasing transparency while helping 340B hospitals better communicate the immense value of the program for vulnerable patients and communities.

“The 340B stewardship principles will help hospitals better tell their story of how this crucial program is delivering a variety of important benefits to patients and communities,” said Rick Pollack, president and CEO of the AHA. “In an era of skyrocketing drug prices, 340B has been critical in helping hospitals expand access to comprehensive health services, including lifesaving prescription drugs.”

Read More: https://www.aha.org/press-releases/2018-09-18-aha-hospital-leaders-announce-340b-good-stewardship-principles-0



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