Impacted Communities - 340B Matters
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Virtually all communities in the U.S. benefit from providers that participate in 340B. Millions of Americans have access to healthcare and public health because of the 340B drug discount program.


If 340B drug discounts were cut, hospitals and healthcare providers would have fewer resources to help those who are not able to afford care or provide services they’ve been able to with the savings generated from their 340B program. Dozens of hospitals and clinics will close; forcing citizens in rural areas go without needed care or travel potentially hundreds of miles to receive the care they need.


Infusion centers that provide services such as chemo, transfusions and dialysis, particularly in rural areas, will close, forcing many patients to travel long distances for treatment. Adding insult to injury, infusion drugs tend to be extremely expensive, and these patients will no longer be eligible for discounts they currently receive through the 340B program.

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