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From Our Perspective

16 Nov Drug Makers Steal $8B from America’s Healthcare Safety Net

Every day, Big Pharma steals millions from America’s safety-net healthcare providers. It amounts to a giant, illegal ATM machine that’s illicitly disgorged more than $8 billion in revenues so far. How have they gotten away with this? By working against the 340B Drug Discount Program. Created...

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18 Oct Duplicate Discounts: Big Pharma Shows True Colors

Surprise! It turns out the drug industry was never really interested in 340B program integrity after all. Big Pharma has made a lot of noise over the last few years about supplying 340B pricing to contract pharmacies in exchange for claims data. It was sold as...

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18 Sep Big Pharma Hurts Maternal Health

Giving birth in America is nearly twice as deadly as doing so in Europe. Big Pharma is partly responsible, choking the 340B Drug Discount Program that helps fund maternity wards and other services across the country. The situation is particularly dire for African American mothers –...

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17 Jul Five Ways Big Pharma Can Be More Transparent

In recent years, drug companies have regularly touted the need for more information from hospitals participating in the 340B Drug Discount Program. Given the opaqueness of Big Pharma’s own pricing information, we find these demands for 'transparency' rather rich. Because the industry seems very keen...

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29 May The Future of 340B Rests with Congress

Leading hospital trade groups recently announced they are willing to seek a legislative solution to update the 340B Drug Discount Program. The move, years in the making, is timely and we applaud the effort. Why do we support it?  Because it’s now undeniable that the current...

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03 Apr 340B Winter Conference: In Comes the Pink Elephant

The Winter 340B Coalition conference was more like “Spring” from a timing perspective, and we associate springtime with new growth, vibrant colors, and hope for dark days to end and brighter days ahead.  While San Diego is a great backdrop for sunshine and bright days,...

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15 Mar ASAP340B: Political Bedfellows from Hell

By 340B Matters Greed and political expediency can lead to the darkest places. Take the new group ASAP340B, an ungodly confederation of Big Pharma, Community Health Centers and a handful of organizations likely paid for by the drug industry. Improving the 340B Drug Discount Program is...

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14 Dec New Congress Must Resist Pharma Misinformation and Protect 340B

By 340B Matters The midterm elections have taken place and the next Congress will be sworn in next month. There’s a large incoming freshman class that will quickly need to understand Big Pharma’s greedy and illegal efforts to destroy the 340B Drug Discount Program. With the Republicans...

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21 Sep 365 Days of No Penalties for Scofflaw Drug Companies

By 340B Matters It’s 365 days and counting since the Department of Health and Human Services referred scofflaw drug companies to the Office of Inspector General for assessment of civil monetary penalties for violating the 340B Drug Discount Program. It’s an anniversary that none of America’s...

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