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From Our Perspective

14 Dec New Congress Must Resist Pharma Misinformation and Protect 340B

By 340B Matters The midterm elections have taken place and the next Congress will be sworn in next month. There’s a large incoming freshman class that will quickly need to understand Big Pharma’s greedy and illegal efforts to destroy the 340B Drug Discount Program. With the Republicans...

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21 Sep 365 Days of No Penalties for Scofflaw Drug Companies

By 340B Matters It’s 365 days and counting since the Department of Health and Human Services referred scofflaw drug companies to the Office of Inspector General for assessment of civil monetary penalties for violating the 340B Drug Discount Program. It’s an anniversary that none of America’s...

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16 Aug Celebrating 30 Years of 340B

By 340B Matters The 340B Drug Discount Program celebrates its 30th birthday this year. Over the past three decades, it has helped safety-net hospitals and clinics across the country care for underserved populations – just as Congress intended. These nonprofit healthcare organizations are on the front line....

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26 Jul Feel the Love for 340B

By 340B Matters Big Pharma has been trying to maim or kill the 340B Drug Discount Program for years and hasn’t succeeded. That’s because it has enjoyed enormous bi-partisan support from successive presidential administrations as well as hundreds of members of the U.S. House and Senate. “Every...

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01 Jul Where Are the Rest of America’s Attorneys General?

By 340B Matters Recently, 25 state attorneys general signed onto two friend-of-the-court briefs excoriating the drug industry for illegally denying discounts to hospitals and clinics in the federal 340B Drug Discount Program. We applaud these leaders – and particularly Connecticut Attorney General William Tong, for leading...

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09 May Where Is the HHS Inspector General?

By 340B Matters So far, seven of the world’s largest drug manufacturers have been referred to the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General for blatantly breaking the law regarding the 340B Drug Discount Program. The situation has cost affected hospitals and clinics $6...

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04 Mar Big Pharma Robs $6B from America’s Healthcare First Responders

By 340B Matters Big Pharma has stolen $6 billion from safety-net hospitals and clinics during the past two years. The effect has been huge, leading to service cutbacks to low-income patients amid a roiling pandemic. Fourteen gigantic drug companies have shamelessly robbed the 340B Drug Discount Program....

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