From Our Perspective - 340B Matters
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From Our Perspective

09 May Where Is Christi Grimm?

By 340B Matters So far, seven of the world’s largest drug manufacturers have been referred to the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General for blatantly breaking the law regarding the 340B Drug Discount Program. The situation has cost affected hospitals and clinics $6...

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04 Mar Big Pharma Robs $6B from America’s Healthcare First Responders

By 340B Matters Big Pharma has stolen $6 billion from safety-net hospitals and clinics during the past two years. The effect has been huge, leading to service cutbacks to low-income patients amid a roiling pandemic. Fourteen gigantic drug companies have shamelessly robbed the 340B Drug Discount Program....

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01 Dec Courts Say Big Pharma is Breaking the Law

By 340B Matters Despite Big Pharma’s efforts to eviscerate the 340B Drug Discount Program, recent federal court decisions have made it clear that manufacturers are acting illegally. Eli Lilly, along with eight other huge drug makers, have unilaterally limited required drug discounts to safety-net health care...

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15 Nov Greed Pays Off for Eli Lilly

By 340B Matters The drug industry already has some of the highest profit margins of any sector and they're getting higher for Eli Lilly. U.S. revenues increased by a whopping 26% last quarter - that’s a big jump for a company that posted $6 billion in...

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19 Oct Big Pharma’s Stinking Thinking Shows in Arkansas

By 340B Matters If there were any doubts about just how idiotic Big Pharma’s arguments can be against the 340B Drug Discount Program, look no further than Arkansas where the industry is desperate to stop a new law protecting it. This spring, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson signed...

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01 Oct HHS Inspector General Must Find Drug Companies GUILTY

By 340B Matters The Department of Health and Human Services has referred six recalcitrant drug companies to the agency Inspector General for civil monetary penalties for denying 340B discounts to healthcare safety-net providers. There’s no question these six drug companies are guilty, guilty, guilty. We applaud the Health...

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08 Sep 340B Matters Open Letter to HHS Secretary Becerra on the Egregious Eight

By 340B Matters Dear Secretary Becerra, On August 1 and September 1, Boehringer Ingelheim and Merck respectively began denying 340B discount pricing to safety-net healthcare providers that use contract pharmacies. This is in direct contravention of federal law. It’s part of an ongoing assault by the pharmaceutical...

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17 Aug Big Pharma Companies Facing Anti-Trust Liability in 340B Fight

By 340B Matters At long last, four top pharmaceutical companies are being sued under federal antitrust law for conspiring to deprive safety-net healthcare providers of lower pricing under the 340B Drug Discount Program. The suit, brought by Mosaic Health, a system of federally qualified health centers, charges...

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