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Local Hospitals Could Lose Thousands in Savings

“Our hospital, patients and community depend on the 340B program. It has a proven track record of expanding access to medical services for some of our most vulnerable patients.” – St. Anthony’s Hospital

Today, the 340B Matters coalition launched efforts in Nebraska to help educate the public, lawmakers and healthcare providers about the negative impact the Health Resources and Services Administration’s (HRSA) proposed “mega-guidance” restrictions could have on patients and communities across the state.


The consequences of the proposed restrictions would adversely affect the ability of healthcare providers in Nebraska, especially those in rural areas, to care for their patients and cost taxpayers as a result.


The 340B Matters coalition urges Nebraska voters to contact their elected representatives and tell them what’s at stake:


Congressman Adrian Smith

Contact: https://adriansmith.house.gov/contact-me


Senator Deb Fischer

Contact: http://www.fischer.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/contact


Senator Ben Sasse

Contact: https://www.sasse.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/email-ben


***NOTE: The below information is derived from public comments filed on regulations.gov in response to HRSA’s proposed mega-guidance. Use here does not imply any affiliation with 340B Matters or endorsement from the entities themselves

“We have a 92-year-old gentleman who lives 3 blocks from our facility; he received a chemotherapeutic medication that was given daily for 5 days. This patient would have to drive about 70 miles every day to receive an infusion that takes about 30 minutes to receive.” – Howard County Medical Center
“It is a long standing tradition that we are proud of at Avera St. Anthony’s Hospital, that our patients can get quality care close to home. The ability to get that care close to home, family and community, is a great benefit to the patient, their family and their positive outcomes. This significant decrease in 340B program benefit that would occur by enacting those provisions could cause irreparable harm to our frontier CAH.” – St. Anthony’s Hospital
“By utilizing the 340B program we are able to continue to provide services to our community that alone are not financially viable, such as emergency room services as well as obstetrical services. The 340B program aids us in continuing our mission of providing access to healthcare for our community.” – Crete Area Medical Center
“HRSA's proposals would significantly reduce the volume of drugs eligible for 340B drug discount pricing, jeopardizing our hospital 's ability to serve the most disadvantaged patients in our community, including low-income patients, uninsured patients, and patients receiving cancer treatments.” – Litzenberg Memorial County Hospital
“If the 340B program were scaled back as proposed, we would have to scale back the wonderful outreach and wellness efforts I previously described. This is a very realistic fear and I hope you understand how deeply this would impact our communities. Our hospital, patients and community depend on the 340B program. It has a proven track record of expanding access to medical services for some of our most vulnerable patients.” – Creighton Hospital
“This proposed guidance would take away our ability to treat our vulnerable patients close to home as we would lose the 340B savings and not have the funding to provide these services.” – Johnson County Hospital

To learn more about the issue visit our website: https://340bmatters.org/


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