340b | The World Link: Rural Oregon needs lower cost prescription drugs
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24 Jan The World Link: Rural Oregon needs lower cost prescription drugs

“Now more than ever, we need to examine all approaches to connecting our vulnerable children, families and seniors living in Oregon’s rural communities with healthcare. We need to be acutely aware of all the options and support services available to ensure these neighbors have access to critical, affordable care. Places like Coos County deserve healthcare as affordable and as high quality as any other county in our state.

It’s why today it is concerning to learn that prescription drug companies – a $450 billion-dollar industry with multi-million-dollar advertising running on network television and near endless campaign money to lobby Congress – want to scrap a program, known as 340B, that provides discounted drugs to rural communities, helping to bridge the divide and lower barriers to life-saving prescription drugs.”

Read More: http://theworldlink.com/opinion/columnists/rural-oregon-needs-lower-cost-prescription-drugs/article_90ae332b-b5d4-5dab-878c-d547c8d2157b.html