Red State: Trump Allies Going Against Discount Drug Campaign Promises | 340B Matters
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26 Mar Red State: Trump Allies Going Against Discount Drug Campaign Promises

“Healthcare reform takes many forms, and some are better known than others. One that can sometimes slip under-the-radar is the 340b program, which requires drug companies to provide medications at a reduced rate to certain organizations including rural referral centers, hospitals providing indigent care, and critical access hospitals.

There is no taxpayer expense to ensuring that these people in need are able to afford the medication they need. The program simply ensures that critical medical providers are able to remain open to serve populations that would otherwise struggle to receive medical care while offering vital prescriptions at affordable prices.

President Trump clearly cares about serving this population, signing off on a 340b price transparence tool and an extension of 340b ceiling price rules which would give providers peace of mind. Once in office, however, Trump has found himself surrounded by big pharma lobbyists and lawyers who have no interest in reducing these prices, and are actively working against 340b.”

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