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11 Mar Unity Point Health: Iowa Lutheran Hospital and the 340B Program

Iowa Lutheran (ILH) uses 340B savings to enhance provision of care, reach more patients and provide more comprehensive services. Examples of activities we have been able to provide as a result of the 340B program and the value it has had to our patients include:

  • Expanded infusion center space to allow more patients access to care ($25,000 lease space);
  • Administrative support for additional patient assistance programs, including a Medication Advocate and legal clinic/legal resource for patients;
  • Additional charity care (medication charge write-off) for patients ($167,000 minimum); and
  • Medication therapy management – reconciliation and appropriate medication histories maintained.


Infusion centers are vital access points for patients. There are numerous examples of patients in the Des Moines metro area not having to travel 2-3 hours away (one way) for service. Their physician refers them to our center at ILH for IV infusion therapy.

A recent example includes a patient who was traveling to Memphis, TN to receive infusion therapy. The medication advocate, which is a position funded by the 340B program, was able to arrange for treatment at ILH saving the patient and caregiver a 20-hour round trip bus ride for therapy.

Read more: https://www.unitypoint.org/desmoines/340b-drug-pricing-program.aspx



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