The Hill: Serving the poor is what we do | 340B Matters
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19 May The Hill: Serving the poor is what we do

Every day, the 340B drug discount program helps providers that treat the underserved across America and it’s more essential than ever. Yet the pharmaceutical industry has attacked hospitals for somehow failing to use it to care for the poor and vulnerable. New data show just how wrong it is.

A research study from the firm Dobson and Davanzo demonstrates that hospitals in the 340B program treat twice as many Black, Hispanic and Native American patients as non-340B providers. They also care for twice the number of low-income elderly Americans. Add to that the fact that these hospitals see two times the number of disabled patients and the picture becomes crystal clear. This is a population that is often uninsured or underinsured. Our hospitals take care of them, regardless of ability to pay.

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