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16 Jul Opinion: Drug Pricing Program Strengthens Health Care

“Vidant Health, like hospital systems around the nation, serves a critical role as a health care safety net, providing high-quality care to all patients, including those who are under or uninsured.

According to the 2015 Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates, 28 of the 29 counties in the Vidant service area were estimated to have a poverty rate above 10 percent, with 14 counties above the 20 percent level.

We provide vital services in the community, from trauma centers to clinics, outpatient treatment programs, local chemotherapy options and other services, all available to patients regardless of their ability to pay.

For 25 years, a highly effective, little-known program created by Congress — the 340B Drug Pricing Program — has allowed safety-net hospitals like Vidant’s as well as our doctors and other providers to enhance and strengthen the care we provide to our communities and vulnerable patients, all at no cost to taxpayers.”

Read more: http://www.reflector.com/Op-Ed/2018/07/15/The-340B-Drug-Pricing-Program-Strengthens-Health-Care-at-No-Cost-to-Taxpayers.html



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