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13 Dec Morning Consult: An Important Part of the Bush Health Care Legacy

“As our nation continues to honor the memory of former President George H.W. Bush, many of us are reflecting on his record of accomplishments, and there are many.

While historians and biographers understandably focus on his role in ending the Cold War with calm and forethought, one of his lesser-known achievements also has affected millions of lives for the better. Thanks to his leadership, many low-income and rural Americans continue to receive needed health care they otherwise could not afford or access.

On the day after the 1992 election, Bush quietly signed into law the Veterans Health Care Act, a legislative package aimed at improving care for people who had served our country in wartime. Tucked into that bill was an addition to the Public Health Service Act that is now known as the 340B Drug Pricing Program.

You won’t find 340B in the indexes of any of the books written about Bush’s term in office, but you can see its impact across this country in hospitals, health centers and clinics caring for those who are too often uninsured, underinsured and, frankly, unnoticed.”

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