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From Our Perspective

31 Aug HRSA Must Enforce 340B Law

By 340B Matters Setting rules without enforcement? That’s ridiculous. But that’s just what’s happening with the 340B Drug Discount Program as the federal agency that oversees it has decided to walk off the job. The Health Resources and Services Agency has been the arbiter of the 340B program for almost 30 years....

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20 Aug Astra Zeneca to Overcharge Safety-Net Healthcare Providers

By 340B Matters Mega drugmaker AstraZeneca has decided now is the ideal time to overcharge safety-net healthcare providers valiantly fighting the global pandemic. The company announced, starting October 1, it will stop offering lower pricing to America’s safety-net providers participating in the 340B Drug Discount Program if...

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07 Aug 340B Program Faces Big Pharma Attacks, HRSA Inaction

By 340B Matters Just as safety-net healthcare providers face historic budget shortfalls due to the pandemic, Big Pharma has launched an attack on the 340B Drug Discount Program while the federal agency overseeing it has suspiciously turned away. Eli Lilly, Merck and Sanofi have unilaterally undermined the...

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23 Jul Drug Companies Mount Unilateral Attacks on 340B Program

By 340B Matters Big Pharma has spent years and millions of dollars in an unsuccessful campaign to destroy a program that strengthens our nation’s public health system at no cost to taxpayers: the 340B Drug Discount Program. Because of strong bi-partisan support for 340B in Congress,...

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16 Jul Keep Your Eye on Big Pharma and Drug Pricing

By 340B Matters During the coronavirus era, the pharmaceutical industry is hoping to receive an undeserved pass on high drug prices. But while many people now look to Big Pharma for a vaccine salvation, old habits haven’t changed. Pharmaceutical manufacturers are attempting to cast themselves as angels...

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18 Jun 340B Hospitals Address Racial Disparities in Healthcare

By 340B Matters The coronavirus pandemic has made clear the troubling racial disparities in American healthcare. People of color who are poor are dying more often from the disease. One recent study finds that African American mortality rates are 10-times higher than whites in the 35 to...

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02 Jun 340B Program Helps Strapped Hospitals Stay Financially Afloat

By 340B Matters The pandemic has not only disrupted American life and caused more than 100,000 deaths, it is also wreaking havoc on the financial health of thousands of safety-net hospitals across the country. That includes hundreds of rural hospitals that were already in dire budget straits...

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