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From Our Perspective

19 Jul Drug Maker Boehringer Joins Anti-340B Cabal

By 340B Matters German drug giant Boehringer Ingelheim has unwisely joined an ignominious group of manufacturers attacking the 340B Drug Discount Program. The result will be even less resources for America’s overburdened healthcare safety net. In late June, Boehringer informed 340B providers that it will stop offering...

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01 Jul Parasitic Pharmacy Benefit Managers Target 340B

By 340B Matters In the complex drug-pricing marketplace lies a murky underworld of pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs). Ostensibly, these companies negotiate lower drug pricing for insurers and (ideally) patients. They’re also now firmly rooted in the 340B Drug Discount Program reimbursement process and take a cut...

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18 Jun Big Pharma’s Disgraceful Year

By 340B Matters In July 2020, six huge drug companies fired the first salvo in a war against a federal program that helps safety-net healthcare providers care for the underserved. Their outrageous attack on the 340B Drug Discount Program has left hospitals and clinics without vital...

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26 May Let the Civil Monetary Penalties Begin

By 340B Matters The Biden administration has finally acted against a reprehensible cabal of pharmaceutical companies unlawfully overcharging safety-net healthcare providers in the federal 340B Drug Discount Program. On May 17, Diane Espinosa, acting administrator of the Health Resources and Services Administration, advised the Shameful Six drug...

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11 May Don’t Fall for This Big Pharma Lie

By 340B Matters The drug industry has an army of public relations suits busy spinning the world as Big Pharma sees it. Don’t be a patsy for one of its biggest and most repeated lies: The 340B Drug Discount Program was originally intended as a direct...

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21 Apr Drug Companies Reaping Billions from the 340B Program

By 340B Matters Six huge pharmaceutical companies are breaking the law, denying safety-net hospitals and clinics lower-priced medications required by the federal 340B Drug Discount Program. Meanwhile, they’ve reaped the benefits of participation in 340B, selling $52 billion in drugs to the Medicaid and Medicare Part...

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18 Mar 340B Matters Open Letter to HHS Secretary Becerra

By 340B Matters Dear Secretary Becerra, Congratulations on your confirmation as Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. You take the reins of the department during a national healthcare crisis. While your days will be hectic and full of enormous challenges and opportunities, preserving and...

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19 Jan 340B Support By the Numbers

By 340B Matters 2020 was a difficult year for America’s healthcare first responders. But even during the worst health crisis of our lifetime, they never hesitated to put their own lives at risk to save others. With every new case they persevered, even as their workforce...

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14 Jan Most Drug Companies Are Doing the Right Thing

By 340B Matters Sometimes the best course of action is to do nothing. In the case of the 340B Drug Discount Program, the vast majority of pharmaceutical companies have chosen just that. These manufacturers deserve credit for doing the right thing. So far, six drug companies have decided...

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