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340B is protecting our healthcare safety-net

The ongoing pandemic is putting our healthcare system to the test, and our healthcare workers are stepping up in heroic and unprecedented ways.


But with elective surgeries and outpatient procedures halted to address the crisis at hand, hundreds of safety-net hospitals and health clinics that were already in dire financial straits now find themselves at risk of closure. 


But there is a ray of good news


Many of these providers are part of the federal 340B Drug Discount Program that allows them to buy medications at a lower cost since they treat high numbers of underserved patients. The savings from the program are helping these facilities stay open to treat the sick.

340B is a lifeline for struggling safety-net hospitals and health clinics.

Unfortunately, Big Pharma is working behind the scenes to convince Congress to scale back the 340B Program. The drug industry doesn’t like giving up any profits, even to help safety-net hospitals during the worst national health crisis in a century.

We can’t allow Big Pharma to curtail 340B and put our healthcare safety-net in jeopardy.

340B helps lower drug costs for safety-net hospitals.
That’s exactly why Big Pharma wants to destroy it.

About 340B

The 340B Drug Discount Program helps nonprofit hospitals stretch scarce resources to provide more comprehensive care to patients who can’t always afford to pay. Unfortunately, big drug companies are trying to convince Congress to cut this important safety-net program. We are fighting to protect 340B because 340B Matters.


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